Who is this guy?

Frederik Hornung is a 23-year-old Freelance Comic Book Artist, Illustrator and Cartoonist located near Frankfurt, Germany.


Spending most of his childhood in a small rural town in Germany, Frederik grew up on a healthy diet of playing outside and reading comic books, with a pinch of video games and science fiction movies added into the mix.


Early in his life, he discovered an affinity towards drawing his own comic strips starring his favorite heroes such as Batman, Spider-Man and Daredevil.


Turning his life-long passion of drawing into his career as a full-time Freelance Illustrator and Comic Artist, Frederik strives to capture the joy and nostalgia in creating art and sharing that emotion in his work.


He has also had the pleasure of teaching art at a local junior high school in a Comic Illustration Workshop.


When he isn't going about his daily work behind a drawing tablet, Frederik enjoys cooking, playing with his dog, as well as being an avid enthusiast of Stephen King and everything related to Lego.